Thursday, April 18, 2013

Page rank suffers due to redesign or change in domain

Consider this, you set-up a web page. You worked hard on it, wrote original content, worked even harder to get those very hard to get back links and after several weeks or even months of hard work, all your labor paid off and now are enjoying a very good page rank.

You continue to work hard to maintain your hard earned rankings. Meanwhile, as what normally happens, some if not all of your original work have been scraped off or copied by other "webmasters" into their site. But of course being the originator of such a content, Google through its search algorithm see this and affords you all the credit and in turn gives your site a high page rank.

Fast forward to the future, 5 years from now. You decide to redesign your site including your sites structure or you wanted to move your domain. After your new design is done or changed your domain you put it up, waited and watched while Google crawled your site

But results is not as you expedt it to be because your rankings starts to slide down and you are no longer enjoying a high page rank as you used to.

Why? Because now Google thinks your content are duplicate from your own page or from others. That is because with the new structure, Gogle creates a new index for your site and this time it thinks that those articles are newly created and seeing that such articles already exist in its index it thinks they are duplicates which we all know is not.

As a result of this you get penalized by either having those pages that are thought to be duplicates deindexed. Consequently, your page rank suffers.

There is also the matter of your inbound links becoming useless because they will all become broken and as such their link juice will not flow to your site to help boost your rankings.

It is unfair, I know, but that is how it works. Of course, you could try to appeal to Google by making a reconsideration request or inform them through some other means but you may not get as high page rank as you did prior to everything for one thing, probably all your back links will no longer be working for you.

Think about it and tell me what are your thoughts.

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