Friday, April 5, 2013

Unlimited Surfing, What is the catch?

The current trend in the Philippines to date when it comes to internet connection is UNLI, short for unlimited, meaning subscribing to this promo entitles you to unlimited surfing until your time runs out for the promo. This was born out of their unlimited texts and voice promos. Owing it to the unlimited voice and text success we now get UNLI Facebook, UNLI mobile surfing and UNLISURF for Smart and SUPERSURF for Globe.

What I would like to talk about with you my dear readers is whether they are really unlimited.

Here is what I have found out. Globe's SUPERSURF which is supposed to be unlimited ain't really. Try SUPERSURF 50, for a 1 day "unlimited surfing" then watch lots of videos on youtube and download large files. Before you know it, you are already being disconnected even before your time has lapsed. Why? Because SUPERSURF has a data limit. This was confirmed to me by a service rep through their hotline and this is actually on their site as well. What bothers me was their ad on TV says unlimited surfing and there is no mention of the data limit. It was explained to me that technically, the data limit ensures already of unlimited surfing in that if only sites with no video streaming is involved. I was further advised that if I so choose to watch youtube videos I should avail of the more expensive package or use regular load. Duh! Isn't Youtube part of the world wide web? Clearly, they should remove unlimited in their promos and put in place enjoy up to 800Mb or so of data as the unlimited thing is misleading.

For Smart's SUPERSURF, it really is unlimited. No data limit restrictions. I found though that Globe was faster than in Smart through my experience. But Smart also employs similar tactics as Globe with their other unlimited promos. I was once bombarded with promotional text messages from Smart regarding unlimited mobile browsing. If memory serves me right the command was ON 20. The text also says unlimited surfing but at least they included somewhere in the text the data limit (I think).

So next time you avail of a promo, look for what they are not saying. Because if you have a nagging feeling that something is not right, it may well be true.

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