Tuesday, April 16, 2013

SMART Telecommunications rip off practice

Funny how Smart Telecommunications is too quick to charge you with services not even rendered but to slow to act on a refund.

Have you had the MF180 USB modem that is bundled with with a user interface that is very restrictive of what a user can do? Not even to manually connect to the internet? Yes, Smart sells you a USM modem that is bundled with an interface that automatically connects to the internet.

This is what happened with me today. I accidentally plugged this modem while still loading it with P200. I am supposed to register it to UNLISURF 200 for 5 days unlimited internet connection. But alas, because of what happened it automatically connected fortunately I was able to see it while it is still connecting so I immediately clicked on cancel.

I thought by clicking on cancel before it could stablish an internet connection, my prepaid load balance is safe. But that is not the case because as I was registering it to UNLISURF 200 an error message told me that I have an insufficient balance. Making a balanced inquiry did show P195.00. I had 5 pesos prior to loading it with P200.00.

I immediately contacted customer support by dialing *8888. I told the lady my story and she told me to wait while she will try to confirm and told me that I had connected around 11:30 am (of 4/17/2013) that is why they have deducted me with P10.00.

It is very interesting that when I had 5 pesos remaining in this prepaid account the user interface  connects but there is no internet connection what so ever but here it was connecting prior to being loaded and they already deducted the ten pesos!

I asked them if they could refund the 10 pesos since I was not able to use it and they told me it will be but I need to wait 24 to 48 hours! Isn't it amazing that in just seconds my P10 is gone just like that even if I haven't established an internet connection and here they are trying to tell me that it takes a day or two just to reverse everything.

 I would not be this upset if the store is just around the corner. But the nearest store to by the card is 5 kilometers away.

Anyway, which ever way I ask, the same answer is given to me and that is wait 24-48 hours while trying to explain to me that I should configure my UI so it will not automatically connect. I, of course told her everytime that it can not be done on this interface. I guess Smart's customer service does not know about the UI bundled to MF180?

So here I am stuck with a P195.00 in my load and forced to use UNLISURF 85. Make no mistake though, I am going to follow-up on that P10.00 refund.

My Suggestion to SMART Telecommunications:
1. There is an update on the UI, why not roll out an update that will give a user the option to manually or automatically connect to the internet upon plugging in the dongle.
2. Shorten the period to  verify claims like this. How difficult is it to check the log. I am sure you can develop a querry to speed up the process. And just a suggestion, why not empower your customer service people to do this that way a refund can be done in that instant. Take Taiwan for instance, my ISP back there does things while we are talking on the phone and no need to wait for 24 much so 48 hours.

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What do U expect from a PLDT-Duopoly? Pinoys have no better choice than connecting through any of these gangsters - their devaluation of regular load within 14days is already a blank theft and disallowed in other countries. Any kind of theft seems possible like, double billing/charging for no service/charging for online time without antenna signal/etc... and there is no alternative! Since SMART is now swallowing SUN, so they will be infected by the highly unreliable billing mode of SUN, as well. All thanks to that stone-age monopolist PLDT. There is no escape as any other provider will be a pinoy entity, as well.

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