Wednesday, April 3, 2013

How to share your desktop internet connection?

If you are like me who is using a USB dongle/modem to connect to the internet yet you want to share this internet connection with your other devices via your desktop's ethernet port to a router but don't know how, then read on.

I have searched on how this is done and most I have read is to make a bridge connection yet this requires configuring both your desktop and your router which I managed to make it work for a while after working on it for several hours (I am no tech expert that is why I had some difficuly setting up a bridge connection). But after 2 days, my tablet will no longer connect wirelessly in bridge mode so I had to figure a way to share without putting my router in bridge mode.

What you will need:
ethernet cable
router (with wireless capability or not)

1. Go to internet connections window (in XP click Start button - Accessories - Communications - Internet connections)

2. On the Internet Connections window, click on "Set up a home or small ofice network" from the left hand menu under Network Tasks.

3. On the welcome pop-up window click next then click next again on the "Before you continue..." window.

4. Select "This computer connects directly to the Internet..." radio button on the next selection then click Next.

5. Then select your Internet connection (the one that you use to connect to the Internet which you want to share) and click next.

6. Provide a computer description and computer name (anything you wish) then click Next.

7. Supply also a workgroup name that you wish then click Next.

8. If you wish to share files then turn on file and printer sharing, otherwise select turn off file and printer sharing. If you turned off file sharing, and wished to turn it on later, you can also turn file sharing on file explorer. Click Next.

9. The next window will show you the summary of all your inputs. Review it and if you wish to change any entry, click back. If you are satisfied with it, click on Next.

10. If you wish to set-up other PC that connects to your router via its LAN port select Create a Network Setup disk. This is what you will use to configure other PCs to connect via the LAN port. In my case I just select "Just finish the wizard; I don't need to run the wizard on other computers." since I only connect through  WLAN (Wi-Fi). Click Next.

11. If you choose not to create a setup disk you are almost done, just click finish on the last window and proceed to step 13. otherwise continue to the next step.

12. Select where you wish to save your setup information then click Next and finally click Finish.

13. After completing the set-up, connect your ethernet cable on your computer's ethernet port and on your router's WAN port.

That is it, you are done. There is no need to do anything on your router. Any previous settings your router has, like your wireless password, remains unchanged.

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