Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Share pass key to others

What I am talking here is legally.

If you have purchased say for example a Kaspersky internet security for your own personal use alone, you might want to know that such a purchase usually entitles you to install it into 2 or three computers not just on one.

In which case, you might want to share it with others like your brother or sister. You can do so simply by providing them with the code. No need to give them your CD copy. They can just go and download it on the internet then once prompted for the key, simply enter what was provided by you.

This works even if you are sharing it with someone that is located on the other side of the planet.

What you may also want to do if you are on a budget and can't afford to purchase one by yourself, ask two of your friends to share with the cost then the three of you can use the purchased software.

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