Wednesday, December 5, 2012

How to register your SmartBro to UNLISURF before it automatically connect to the internet.

Use your phone to register for a promo.

I have found it annoying that Smart's Broadband plug-it using ZTE's MF180 USB modem automatically connecting even before you could register your precious load to their UNLISURF promo.

I mean, what is with this interface anyway with so limited options you can set. Not even to turn off auto connect when the modem is inserted to the USB port. And if you are like me who could not follow the way to change the interface, then your fifteen pesos is automatically charged and you can only use it for a few minutes (30 minutes?).

So here is what I do. Upon reloading my account, or if I still have enough load and I know my promo registration has expired then I do these few steps first.

I take off the SIM from the modem and put it on my cellphone (any kind will do). I then use the phone to register for another promo like UNLISURF 200 send it to 2200. I then wait for the confirmation that I am registered before taking it the SIM out of my phone and replacing it on the modem. After which, it is safe to insert your modem into the USB port without worrying of unnecessarily getting charged when you intended to use that money for a promo.

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