Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Proxy servers, do they really hide your IP?

Be careful using proxy servers

When you enter the search term free proxy servers, a lot of results come up. But do they really perform as you intend them to? Many of us are looking to mask our IP while browsing the internet for anonymity.

My search brought me to this site that continuously updates
lists of servers offering free proxy servers. I choose one
(hilighted in blue)

But beware because many of those servers offering free proxy don't actually hide your IP. What's more, they might be getting your secure information like passwords and bank account.

Here is my IP address before adding a proxy.
Here is my proxy after adding a proxy, close my browser,
opened my browser and checked my new IP. There is no
change whatsoever!

I had this experience where I used a proxy server but failed to take it out before opening my Yahoo! mail account and in just minutes, my Yahoo! Account has already been compromised. I had to report this to Yahoo! And got control back to my mail the next day. Good thing I don't have sensitive information on my mail.
Yahoo! account compromised and can't log in. I got
control back to my accounta day after reporting it.

What do we get from this experience? Never use proxy server when transacting with your bank or using a credit card or similar things. Doing so will certainly bring desaster on your part.

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