Saturday, March 23, 2013

Deep Freeze an alternative PC protection

When we talk about PC protection, most people only knows about anti-virus, anti-malware or other such programs. What some do not know is there is this neat little program called Deep Freeze.

I was introduced to this program by my brother who happens to run his own internet cafe. He told me to install it and never need to worry about intrusion while my machine is connected to the internet or other infected storage media is plugged as long as my machine is in a frozen state. And know what, it does.

What Deep Freeze do is freeze a PC to the kernel level and stores all data that was required for your activity on a temporary space somewhere on your hard disk. And all this data is lost once you restart the PC, including any malicious code that got to your PC. So unlike any anti-virus/anti-malware programs, it does not rely on virus definitions to protect your PC that if your virus protection program's library is outdated you become vulnerable to new viruses.

The only downside to Deep Freeze that I have encountered whilst testing it was that anything saved will be lost upon restart, including any important documents you may have created unless you worked on thawed condition and you can only thaw your PC by rebooting and setting Deep Freeze to reboot thawed.

To do this double click on the Deep Freeze icon located on the task bar while the shift key is pressed (shift key+double click icon) to launch the Deep Freeze window. Input password and click ok. On the Boot Control either select Thawed Reboot on Next or Thawed Reboot. You can then reboot you PC. When it has finished restarting you may now be able to save files.

Please note that while thawed Deep Freeze can not protect you. So be careful while on thawed condition and always Boot Frozen when you are done with your files.

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