Saturday, April 13, 2013

Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network

I was searching for something using Google on the internet one morning but because it was quite difficult to find, I was searching somewhat actively. By that I mean, I tried diffirent phrases and I did it simultaneously. I had about 3 windows doing searches at the same time. I guess, it is worth noting that at the time of my search, I am having a rather slow internet connection which explains why I had 3 searches going on at the same time. As I move along with my searches, I am also getting that message more often and so I decided to investigate. Here is what I have found.
Not all the sites I visited redirects me to this error message. And so it
looks like it was related to some search term or at least to the particular
search term I am using during that time.

Clearing my cache did not made the problem go away. As we all know, a virus can cause your computer to behave abnormally including sending information from my computer to some place who knows what. And so I checked my computer with my favorite anti-virus and anti-malware programs but did not find any threat.

Others also suggested that maybe I have a conflict within my network (that is from my ISP, I do not have a static IP and obtains it automatically by my service provider). Instead of going to the command prompt release and renew my IP, I did reboot everything. Restarted my modem, my router and my computer (no other computers were connected to my router that time).

After the restarts, I did not encounter that message again. Aaah! The magic of reboot. I did not know exactly what happened because after reboot, things went back to normal but Google team have some more extensive course of action you may take like the following:

  • A malware maybe causing this. They recommend to use HijackThis.
  • After HijackThis, they recommend to use other antispyware and antivirus softwares to check for further infection.
  • Check your network for other computer that may be doing this or ask your network administrator to do so.
  • If still unable to find the problem, contact Google support group.
Lastly, here are some of automated traffic not permitted by Google:

  1. Sending automated queries
  2. Using software that sends queries to Google to determine how a website or webpage ranks on Google for various queries
  3. 'Meta searching' Google
  4. Performing 'offline' searches on Google

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