Thursday, April 11, 2013

Keywords and Google search

I have read not so recently on some article that keywords are not important to search engines and I was lead to believe that instead of focusing too much on keywords, it is best to focus on creating more quality articles.

But recently, I came to the realization that what I have read is false. While it is true that quality posts are important, keywords are quiete as important. This I found after making my review of the tablet I bought.

When I made that article, I wrote it keeping in mind my target keywords. No I did not reasearched it but I used the keywords I normally would use when I search it. Fortunately, those keywords seem to be the most prominent being searched because after checking my stats after several days that it was published showed it was the reason my visitors landed on this blog.

If keywords weren't important, why would Google Analytics still bother to report it? And why would they still bother to maintain the Google Keyword Tool site?

In my humble opinion, while it is true that quality and original article are important to get ranked higher in Google and other search engines, it is equally important to place important yet relevant keywords to your article. This is specially true to individual posts or pages in your site because without them, no matter how good an article is if important keywords are missed out, it will never see the light of day and no body will be ever to read it. Think of it as the beacon that will lead people to find at least your particular article.

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