Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pokoyo and Talking Pokoyo at Playstore

I recently discovered Pokoyo while me and my son are looking for some fun video we can watch together at Youtube.

To those who does not know it yet, Pokoyo is the title of a cartoon which is incidentally also the name of the main character.

Pokoyo is very likable what with very cute characters. The animation is properly drawn with the correct shadings with which they appear very cuddly. First time I set eyes on it, I am immediately drawn to it. But what makes it unique was the simplicity and how neat things are presented. Most of the scenes I have seen so far are set on a white background with only the main character and some of his friends with a little of their toys.

Pokoyo is not the usual cartoon we encounter in that it doesn't really have any story except for what Pokoyo is doing or is supposed to do. Pokoyo does not talk. There is however a narration in a fatherly voice. Sometimes it explains what Pokoyo is doing and at other times it talks to Pokoyo and he in turn responds into action and the subject matter are things like how to play with friends, keeping toys or simply engages with the viewer's imagination.

Pokoyo is for toddlers and older for learning simple things. If you wish your kids to learn ABCs and 123s this is not the video to watch beacause from the three video I have seen so far this is not the kind of stuff it wants to present. Of course I could be wrong.

And because me and my son fell in love with Pokoyo I thought there must also be Pokoyo stuff at the Playstore. Search Pokoyo at Playstore and you will come up with Talking Pokoyo. Similar to the talking cat, dog, etc. Talking Pokoyo mimicks what you say. By touching parts of his body, it will show you its moves. Aside from this, it also can play some musical instruments. It also teaches the different sounds and moves of some animals. It has also a slew of different dance moves. All these can be selected through the different icons shown on screen. The free version has limited musical instruments and dance moves activated. It also shows advertisements when connected to the internet. One thing is for certain, free or full version, this is a fully working app that is worth downloading and your toddler will surely love.

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