Saturday, May 25, 2013

How to read a content from a site that is down?

You entered the URL of the site you wished to visit but all you get is an error telling you that the site is down.

Is that the end of it or is there another way you can read its content? Well, there is.

You can try to view the cached page from Google by typing on the address bar the following:

cache:address of the site

You see, Google is always scouring the web for new content and saving this into a cache directory. Google's cache is a snapshot of a page at the time it was visited. This allows Google to load search results faster.

So in case a page you wanted to visit is down and you do not want to wait until it is back online, then you can try it and as long as it has not been down for a long period (weeks or months), you should get a result.

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