Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Turn your old LCD TV to the envy of your peers

Today's advancing technology has provided us with electronic appliances that previously only personal computers can do.

The trend is to make each electronic item into a computer. Now we have the tablet where we can read books and basically bring with us our personal computer. Cellular phones are also virtually a pocket sized computer. Then there is the television where now it is practically a computer sitting in your living room that can browse the internet, play games, video call with a relative from anywhere in the world and plug a flash drive to watch movies.

You wished you had not bought so soon for an LCD TV which cost the same as the latest televisions but now can do much more.

There is still a way though that you can turn your television into that dream TV of yours by using your old computer (desktop or loptap).

Just connect the display output of your computer into the television's computer input and presto your TV has been upgraded. You will even have so much more capabilities compared to the features of any TV out there at the moment.

Place the computer somewhere discreetly hidden so as not to become an eye sore in your living room or simply to create the illusion that all are the features of your TV.

To make the experience even better, connect a wireless keyboard and mouse which you can either display in your living room center table or also hide it together with your computer to be brought out if needed.

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