Thursday, May 16, 2013

Surfing securely on public and unsecured servers

How you can safeguard yourself when you are at a public and most often times unsecured wifi hotspots?

We have all heard and read about not opening your bank accounts and similar things when you are on an unsecured server. That is all well and good but logging into unsecured servers still does not 100% protect you from intrusions even with the latest updates in your antispy, anti virus and any other security software that you may have from from attacks like virus, malware, trojan and specially keyloggers.

The best thing to do is simply to use a program that when you turn off your computer it will remove all your recent activity including any unnoticed malicious programs that may have slipped into your machine.

Deep Freeze is one such software. What it does is to prevent any further saving of files into your drive by allocating some of your available memory to create a volatile memory that ones you restart your machine all recent data since Deep Freeze was activated will disappear as if you have not used your computer at all. I have written a more complete document of it. Simply search for it on this site.

Neat huh? Try it next time, it will save you from any unnecessary trouble.

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