Thursday, May 9, 2013

WinCDEmu Virtual Drive Review

The short answer: WinCDEmu does the job and delivers what it has promised.

If you are interested in knowing it a little bit more read further, this is just a quick review.

WinCDEmu is a CD/DVD ROM emulator which means even without a physical CD/DVD ROM drive installed in your computer, your computer thinks you have one.

It is free - The application is free to download and use. It is licensed under LGPL.

Very easy to use - There is nothing that you already don't know in using this application because is uses Windows File Explorer. To mount something, simply double click the file/folder/image files and it will be mounted immediately.

Image files are opened as if Windows can natively open them - It supports image files like ISO, CUE, NRG, MDS/MDF, IMG and CCD. What I really liked about it is that once mounted, it automatically opens and shows you the content and browse them like any ordinary Windows folder. A feature is also available where you can opt to disable autoplay. It also supports data, DVD video and BD video images.

It does not waste any drive letter - if nothing is mounted, no drive letter is used. It provide any number of virtual drives.

Installer is very small - installer is only over a little 800Kb and as such only takes a couple of seconds to download. It runs in the background but due to its very small size, it is hardly noticeable.

Allows the creation of ISO files - got CDs you need to convert into ISO imge? This application is capable of doing just that.

Like what was already mentioned above, this application is well recommended when you are looking for a solution to not always use your discs (to prevent scratches or simply to keep it looking new so you can resell it afterwards).

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