Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Disabling Google+ Comments after reverting back to the original Blogger Profile

You have enabled Google+ then enabled Google+ Comments but you decided to ditch Google+ Comments, for whatever reason, by changing back to Blogger Profile thinking that all will be restored.

To your horror, your blogger profile now looks different because now you can't find Comments anywhere but Google+ is put in place. To make matters worse, your blog comments are not restored and Google+ Comments is still in effect on your blog. You want to take it out but you don't seem to find where to disable it anymore since you are back in Blogger Profile and no longer in Google+ Profile.

Take out Google+ Comments on your blog and bring back all previous comments

Every forum and sites only tell you to uncheck the "Use Google+ Comments on this blog" check box on your Google+ settings. But since you are back in Blogger Profile, there are no Google+ settings anymore.

Solution is very simple:

  • Go back again to Google+ Profile - Switch back to Google+ Profile again the same way you did the first time or simply click on the Get Started button in Google+ settings.
  • Disable Google+ Comments - Once Google+ is enabled, go to Google+ settins (click Google+ on the left side) and then you can uncheck the "Use Google+ Comments on this blog" box.
  • Change back to Blogger Profile - On your Blogger Dashboard, click the settings button (gear icon on the upper-right) and click on "Revert to Blogger profile" from the drop down menu.
Side note
The main reason I took down Google+ Comments on my blog is because it is very limited. By that I mean only people with Google+ accounts could comment on my blog as opposed to the usual where virtually everybody can comment with a variety of options the way they want to appear in my comments including anonymous.

One indicator that a site is active is through visitors comments plus the fact that I like reading other people's comments. And if I miss out on those because of Google+ Comments, no matter how fancy it may be, I'd rather go back to my original comments box.

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