Sunday, November 25, 2012

Extend Your Mobile Browsing Time

My portable cellphone charger powered with 2 AA
rechargeable batteries.
If you are like me who don't like bringing a notebook or a tablet around but still browses a lot using a mobile phone, then you are already aware that you are only limited to a couple of hours before your battery goes low.

I even uses my phone to update my blogs as I go around (yes folks I do go out) to do other stuff like meet with friends, play outdoors with my son and do some errands.

If such is the case and you want more surfing time without your battery going out on you, you might want to try what I call portable battery charger.

These are the ones that you carry with you to charge your battery even without an outlet to plug your charger as they are either powered by AA sized batteries or has their built-in battery where you charge them before you go out.

I prefer the former to the latter as I have several rechargeable AA batteries at home that I also use for my camera's external flash. What's more, when the batteries are discharged, I can always run to a store to buy AA batteries (not the rechargeable ones) as substitute.

One thing to remember though when you decided to buy one. Check first your charger's output voltage and power (or capacity in mA) and this is what you should look for. The power may not be the exact value as long as it is higher then you should be okay. This is to ensure that you will not be overloading your charger as well as your battery and avoid burning the batteries and/or charger.

Try it, you will love it. I did, mine just fits right into my pocket.

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