Monday, December 3, 2012

Viewing page offline

To save on bandwidth or lessen your connection time, save the page.

To view a web page offline only takes a very simple and few steps to make. There is actually two ways that I can think of that you can do this. Here is how:

Using Save As:
1. Open the page you would like to view offline. Wait until all the content is fully loaded.
2. When it is fully loaded, go to your browser's File menu and click Save As (for Chrome click on Customize and Control menu located at the upper right corner of the Chrome window) and select the location you want to save the page.
3. Open it later on any browser of your choice.

Save to PDF (for Google Chrome)
1. Open the page you would like to view offline. Wait until all the content is fully loaded.
2. After it has completely loaded, click on print from the Customize and Control menu (located at the upper right corner of the Chrome window).
3. Under destination, click change and select Save as PDF.
4. Click save and choose the destination on your hard disk where you wish to save it. Now you can view the saved page later on PDF reader.

Note: For IE and Firefox, you can save it as XPS and open it with your browser.

This is useful when you want to read an article and you don't have the time at the moment and you're going somewhere bringing your notebook or tablet with you. Who knows your destination don't have an internet connection.

But then this is more useful for those who are on a prepaid internet and want to save on your time being connected to the internet. Or if you are like me whose connection at the moment is very slow and want to save on bandwidth.

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Thanks for the tip. I have tried with xps but it is a bother I found your PDF tip most interesting. Just what I was looking for.


Interesting. I like the PDF as well. Now I can save the tutorials I have seen and read them during my down time at work. :)


Thank you! I will try it.


I have an intermittent connection, when it's good it is fast when it is not I could not even open a page so saving is the best way. So when it is good I just save all I can so I can view them anytime. Thanks!


Thank you...


Thanks mate.

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