Friday, December 21, 2012

Reasons why I ditched do follow commenting for SEO optimization

When you ask a lot of blogger out there what is the best way to drive traffic to your site, almost instantly what comes to their mind is blog commenting and I will tell you why.

Blog commenting, specially dofollow high PR sites, provides you with the much needed PR juice from their site flowing to your site. And the higher PR your site enjoys to search engines like Google gets you high on search results and if your PR is high enough, you could end up at the top spot. As a result, more people will be clicking on your link at the search results thereby giving you more traffic. This is the reason why many bloggers spend an equal amount of time to blog comment as they are on writing posts to their blog.

They will also tell you about guest posting which is practically the same thing as to blog comment except that instead of commenting you submit an article to a blog owner in return you will get a link back to your site, that is if your article gets accepted.

Problem I found is that most blogs are nofollow and the ones you find to be dofollow are moderated and are very strict in the sense that they don't just give you a link just because you commented once or twice. Such an act is only regarded as a spam. That is however understandable because a blog needs its regular readership to be an active site and thus only regular visitors are rewarded with with a link back to their site that is dofollow.

To check if you landed on a do follow blog site, look for the dofollow icon. Do follow blog rolls usually have this. However you can also check by right clicking on the backlink of a comment and look for the <a href=" rel="nofollow"> tag. If you see the rel="nofollow" tag then that site is a nofollow.

One more reason they don't just give out dofollow link is because that would hurt their PR as they will be sharing it with you. So you see, creating backlinks (for me) is just too much work.

There is also an on-going concession these days that backlinking does not seem to be as important as the days old with search engines' algorithm no longer as simple as before. Now, algorithms consider the niche where you posted your comments as compared to yours.

Aside from the time spent doing commenting, there is always that danger of the page you have linked going south which will consequently affect your PR as well. Please note though that I am not totally abandoning this method. When I come across a blog and find myself commenting, I will drop a link to my site.

What I do instead
I am not saying that it does not work, it still does and many can prove that it does. It's just that in my case creating authentic content coupled with proper keyword research for each of my posts works better for my search engine optimization (what is SEO?).

Creating authentic content, I guess, is self explanatory. As for keyword research, what I mean is properly researched keywords placed to my blog posts. All one has to do is use Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Simply search Keyword Tool in google and click on the top result.

Search for keywords relating to your next post, check for its popularity as well as its competition and pick those that are popular but with lesser competition and those are the ones that you have to place on your content.

By doing this, I am now getting trickles of traffic coming from searches such as Google and Yahoo! Something that I have not seen when I was just doing blog commenting. May not be by the volume but at least I am going somewhere.

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