Thursday, January 10, 2013

How to repost an item from facebook timeline other than your own timeline

Have you ever wondered how you could post a photo an article or any item in your timeline or other's timeline to others timeline? Here is how.

When we share something, what we normally do is click the share link, write something (or not) the click the share photo button.

Notice the top side of the window, you see "Share:" then a drop down menu. Click it and you see a list of  how it can be shared. These are On a friend's timeline, In a group, On your page, In a private message.

Choose on a friend's timeline to post on their timeline. Note that this will not work (actually all of them except private message) when the target timeline is configured not to accept posts by others. Unfortunately, only one friend can be listed and so to post an item on 20 friends timeline, repeat it 20 times. The rest I think is self explanatory. Experiment to find out.

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