Saturday, December 8, 2012

Autoconnect your USB 3G Modem

Nowadays many of us use the wireless networks offered by ISPs using the USB 3G modem. That is because of the advantage that it gives us, which is mobility.

But like most users of this devices, we often experience frequent disconnections specially during peak hours. And if you are like me who is tired of clicking the connect button on the interface that came along with the device, you'd wish that you have a tool you can use to automatically click that button for you. This way you can leave your monitor and still your download software can continue once you are autoconnected.

But you know what? You actually have it already. All you need to do is go to your network connections panel (for XP users: Start - All Programs - Accessories - Network Connections), look for your connection and adjust the options (Right Click and choose properties then click the options tab).
Network Connections (Start-All Programs-Accessories-Network

Properties Window. Click Options tab

For Redial attempts, put a number as high as you want depending on your disconnection frequency. In my case since I get disconnected a lot, I put the highest number possible. For Time between redial attempts, choose 1 second (the shortest time possible) then click on the radio button beside Redial if line is dropped to select it. Lastly, click on the ok button and you are set.

Now you can stand up and do your chores or go to work and when you are back your download is complete.

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