Sunday, December 30, 2012

The server's security certificate is not yet valid

I Turned on my computer, my machine stopped booting and I was prompted with a check sum error. I ignored the error and pressed F1 then waited until my machine finished booting. Went to Google logged in and got the red screen that says "The server's security certificate is not yet valid". Why?

The reason is because my date and time is set way back in January 1, 2006. When I tried to log in at Google, it saw that I am someone in the past trying to access the server in the present and because of this, I was denied access.

I changed my date setting and tried logging in again, this time it signed me in immediately.

Why did I have my date set-up way back in 2006? That is because the button battery that powers the internal clock  of my machine was drained so every time I power up (if I unplug) my computer I get a check sum error because it has reset to its factory date. Fixing this at start up by going to the BIOS would be better but adjusting it at windows does the same thing.

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