Saturday, March 2, 2013

Is Android the future Windows?

I did not mean the future of Windows but will it be replacing Windows as the new OS of choice in the near future?

The Android OS made its mark in our consciousness when smartphones replaced our conventional cellular phones which requires an operating system for it to work.

At that time, Microsoft was busy coming out with a new version of their Windows operating system for PC and did not concentrate much on the smartphone market.

This leaves the competition between the Symbian OS, iOS, Blackberry OS and Android. Well, as one should know, the iOS and Blackberry OSare dedicated to the iPhone and Blackberry respectively. That leaves Android and Symbian trying to grab the market. Well, Windows is also trying to compete but seems to be half hearted at the time as they are more focused on their existing market, which is the PC and notebook.

Now, however, that more people are accessing the world wide web through their mobile phones as well as playing games with it, it has become apparent that going mobile is the way to go. With the introduction of tablet devices (thanks in a big way to Apple's iPad), which in a way is similar to that of mobile devices, the market has even become bigger.

However, Microsoft seems to have seen the market potential of mobile deivces that it has trained its eyes to it. Even its newly released Windows 8 looks like the interface of a tablet.

But with the time and resources spent by Google on the Android OS, it has paid off. It can be seen by the proliferation of what we now call Android devices. A wide range of smartphone manufacturers now uses Android. Now, even on tablets, Android seems to be the OS of choice. It's biggest user is Samsung which has currently outsold Apple's iPad on the number of units sold due in big part to its lower price. Even, less known brands like Coby and Movetab are using the Android OS although some of them are not  yet a truly Android device. In which case, there is no Google support and has no access to sites like Google Play.

So what do you think? Sound off your thoughts on the comments section.

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