Saturday, December 15, 2012

Nokia N97 mini as a modem

You guys know by now my problem with my current ISP with its ZTE MF 180 3G USB modem (as explain in detail here). In my last update on that post, I said things are already getting better but I was wrong. That is why I have to find some ways to connect to the internet without always getting disconnected. One thing I did was to do an autoconnect via the network connections panel (as dicussed here). But I need something better than the autoconnect because is still slow I am not getting the full service of what I am paying.

In my last desperate attempt for a better connection, I took my smartphone (in this case Nokia N97 mini) inserted my SmartBro SIM and plugged it to my USB port. Luckily, I have previously installed the Nokia suit on my computer so all I have to do is click on the connect to the internet once my phone was connected to my computer (here is the link for the Nokia Suite download in case you don't have it). Observed for an hour if I will get disconnected and surprise! surprise! not disconnection whatsoever! Even with my favorite torrent downloader downloading a file, youtube, facebook, continued searching with google and yahoo all at the same time. For 1 hour! My connection continued for the next hour and the hour after that, well the entire night actually.

However, I noticed that I only get 460Kbps of internet speed when I know that I could have up to 1Mbps speed. So I disconnected again then went back to network connections and created a new connection from there. Note however, that this connection is still 460Kbps but right clicking this new connection and clicking on properties, one can change it up to 921Kbps (the fastest speed). It is not 1Mbps but at least it is close to that.

Now I can sleep knowing I have a reliable internet connection.

If you got the same problem or have better solution or you can't follow my blubbering above but want to know how I did it please leave a comment below.


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